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- Achille Castiglioni -

Studio LabARK

Girardi’s innate talent, concentrated attention to structure, and expert eye for design are further strengthened by his upbringing, where throughout his formative years, Girardi’s summers and weekends were spent on vast building sites with his father’s construction company– erecting structures from private villas to large institutions in and around Naples. Not only was Girardi’s love of engineering and architecture born from his earlier hands-on experience, his background provides him with the capability and honed skills to offer a 360º service experience to his clients. Along with his degree in architecture, masters in interior design and concentration on industrial design, Girardi often shoulders the responsibilities of general contractor on many of his sites as well. Not only does he keep in mind the structural implications of a building when creating a project, he has the experience and know-how which allows him to quickly find and integrate solutions to technical issues.
Girardi belongs to the new generation of architects known for combining in-depth research and experimentation with new materials and social responsibility. In less than four years, Girardi’s architectural firm has amassed a broad portfolio of projects, including Terzigno’s Eco-Building in the province of Naples. The Eco-Building project combined environmental sustainability and high quality structural architecture, with the use of biocompatible and recycled materials. Girardi’s professional work is also comprised of governmental facilities, corporate and public buildings, private homes and products of industrial design ranging from furniture to original lighting. Additionally, the young studio has built a name for themselves in Italy’s hospitality sector, with a wide range of luxury suites, hotels, B&Bs and recently, its first acclaimed five star hotel. When confronting the hospitality sector, Girardi’s goal is to combine the rationalization of space with the availability of services, creating the same richly warm atmospheres of private residences by tailoring environments and adapting materials, fabrics, and custom elements of design.